We can make your dreams come true! Find the right programs and schools to complete all the proccess.


Find the Right Program and School

Complete a short survey and get matched to programs and schools that meet your unique background and interests.与ISP留服平台咨询老师取得联系,完成一份简短的项目意向调查,找到符合你独特背景和兴趣的项目和学校。


Submit Your Application

Select your program and school, complete your online profile, pay the application fee to the Host University, and submit the required documents. ISP will review your application and ensure you’re not missing any information.选择你的课程和学校,完成你的在线资料,支付申请申请院校相关的申请费用,并提交所需的文件。ISP留服平台将检查您的申请资料并确保您没有遗漏任何信息。


Get Your Letter of Acceptance

Your application is submitted and reviewed by the school. If accepted, you will quickly receive your acceptance letter.你的申请被提交并由海外院校审核。如果被录取,你会很快收到录取信。


Start the Visa Process

ApplyBoard’s team of experts provide you with guidance and support during the visa application process and beyond, to give you the best chance of success.我们的专家团队将为您提供签证申请过程中的指导和支持。


Book Plane Ticket&Accommodation and GO!

Once you’ve got your acceptance and visa. Congratulations, you have completed all the services available from ISP. Book your plane ticket&accommodation and begin your educational journey abroad! Don’t forget to join your Pre-Guidance.当你得到了录取offer和签证。祝贺您,您已经完成了ISP留服平台提供的所有服务。预订您的机票和住宿,开始您的海外教育之旅!别忘了参加ISP留服平台举办的行前指导。