SJSU硅谷高新科技暑期大学生项目Summer in Silicon Valley(暑假项目)

Learn from industry experts, network with Silicon Valley professionals, explore the San Francisco Bay Area and gain valuable experience with participants from around the world.
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Important Dates
Application dates:April 10 2020 Program dates: July 6-24 2020
Best Suited For
Undergraduate students majoring in Engineering who want to have a hands-on experience solving technological problems
The program fee is $4,500 includes tuition,housing, meals, local transportation pass, airport transfer and site visits.
Admission Requirements
Length of Study
3 weeks
Pace of Study
Monday through Friday
Program Overview
该项目让学生在硅谷中心体验设计、创新和创业精神。硅谷夏令营(SSV)与查尔斯•W•戴维森工程学院(Charles W.Davidson College of Engineering)的共同面向对全球技术核心的设计和技术感兴趣的国际工程专业学生。这个项目非常适合希望在学习硅谷前沿创新的同时,学习实际解决技术问题经验的学生。


  • San Jose State University who organizes the program has the highest employment rate(该校地处硅谷,被高新科技和世界500强企业包围,就业率非常高)
  • Lectures硅谷菁英教授讲授科技,工程,创新创业,产品革新以及多文化教育)

Learn from instructors with practical experience in product innovation, technology, engineering entrepreneurship, and multicultural education.

  • Team Projects (团队协作完成项目设计,解决实际技术问题。创新设计将由圣何塞州立大学教授和业界菁英评判)

Think creatively and critically to develop innovative project designs. Collaborate with other international participants and SJSU student mentors to develop a creative product or solution to a current tech problem. Team projects will be judged by SJSU professors and industry experts in a final competition.

  • Company Visits (硅谷公司参访)

Explore Silicon Valley companies that have made a significant impact on the world today. Previous participants have visited Facebook, Google, Intel, Cisco and Apple (company visits are subject to availability).

  • Cultural Trips (湾区旅行)

Experience life in the San Francisco Bay Area with a series of trips to famous destinations. Enjoy learning about American culture and taking part in memorable activities.

浙江大学同学:"Even though there is an obstacle for communication, I enjoyed the project. I learned how to cooperate with people from different backgrounds. This will be helpful if I work in international companies." 

Certificate 证书
You will receive an official certificate from SJSU
Field trips 短途旅行
Facebook, Google, Intel, Cisco and Apple (company visits are subject to availability).
Teaching mehtod 授课形式
In person
Faculty 师资
faculty from the Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering
Passport 护照
A valid passport is required
Visa 签证
B tourist visa
Classmates 同班同学
The most outstanding internaitonal students
Location 地理位置
Sillicon Valley, San Jose, California, USA
Scholarship 奖学金
Yes. If selected to a campus ambassador.
Housing 住宿
Students will live in SJSU campus dormitories.